We provoke cosmic conversation.

Spacewalk is a collaboration between Laura Zittrain and Rosa Weinberg as part of our experimental studio practice.

We combine whimsy with critical insight, fabrication with archival research, inner space with outer space. We take on bold projects grounded in creative play and experiential learning. Using sight, touch, and sound to investigate the expanse and beauty of our solar system and beyond, we make tangible the human relationships to the cosmos -- and translate this interstellar tension and unison into personal wearable objects and public sculptures.
Our partnership began over a year ago when we were selected and invited to participate in a fashion and technology hackathon in Berlin. Inspired by the Eames’ visual sense of scales in their power of ten video, we constructed Stethosuit, a wearable bodice that combines the sounds from outer space with the sounds of the body -- which are eerily alike one another. Produced in under 36 hours, the bodice debuted on the catwalk at re:publica, Europe’s premier technology conference. Back stateside, the project’s accompanying Instructable, entitled “Anti-Cosmic Insignificance Suit” became a top-ranked featured project.

Thus, a partnership was solidified: Laura’s research training in the history of science and her critical perspective on wearables overlap and complement Rosa’s talents in fabrication and design.